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 It is worthy to note that TUSA CBO has so far relied on donations as sources of income to support the delivery of its services and taking care of the most vulnerable families and individuals. A critical and strategic analysis revealed that 43% of TUSA members are aged between 19 and 65 years old, hence forming those shall be active and productive. A recommendation was drawn that these individuals shall first be provided with ways and means to earn and save through small-scale income-generating activities (IGA). Furthermore, a strategic resolution was reached by the Executive Committee that the management of members’ savings and IGA management be done through the Self-Help Group or Microfinance model. As such, there is a need to put in place a separate department that undertakes the sustainability programme program and propels the self-help group/microfinance movement as a source of wealth creation for TUSA and, above all, its members. TUSA leadership and management must ensure that additional resources generated from within TUSA are rationally allocated to caring for the most vulnerable. In this way, these resources shall complement donations from well-wishers and partners.